Web Summit Mission 2023

Come and discover the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem. Lectures, activities, exchange of experiences and networking are some of the advantages provided to our participants.

Mark your presence at the largest technology entrepreneurship conference in the world!

Web Summit 2023

❛The best technology conference on the planet❜ ‐ Forbes 

The Web Summit Lisbon takes place between November 13 and 16 in the Portuguese capital. The event brings together the world’s most innovative minds, CEOs, startups, big companies, business leaders, and investors to debate the new directions of technology and redefine the sector with the main trends.

Its opening will be on Monday, November 13th, followed by an intense program over the next three days. In the mornings and afternoons, with an hour break for lunch, there are more than 700 lectures, lasting 20 minutes, one after the other, in addition to the pitches of startups looking for investments.

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Web Summit 2023


In 2022, there were more than 1,050 speakers on several simultaneous stages, 2.630 startups exposing solutions, 1.050 investors, more than 2.000 journalists contributing on stage and backstage, and more than 71.000 participants, among professionals and companies that are redefining the technology sector.

The Web Summit, which has been taking place in Lisbon since 2016, is the largest technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship event of our days, where business leaders meet to exchange experiences in an enriching way.

Web Summit 2023



You will have numerous options at the various food trucks, with food, wine, and beer for all tastes. 

You can still go out to eat at Shopping Vasco da Gama or the restaurants located along the 12km long waterfront, enjoying the view of the Tejo, the Vasco da Game bridge, the cable car, and the panoramic elevator.


Choose your most comfortable shoes and get ready to tour in the 4 days of the event: 5 pavilions with stages of the most varied sizes, which share space with more than 200 stands from different countries, technology companies, and more than 2.000 startups.

In addition to activities during the day, there are also Night Summits, and meetings aimed at exchanging experiences with people from all over the world. This allows you to meet new businesses, expand your network of contacts and experience a profitable moment in professional terms.


Mission Web Summit 2023

The Venture Builder’s Web Summit – Lisbon 2023 Mission takes place between November 13th (Monday) and November 18th (Saturday).
In this immersion you will learn why Portugal has become the most effervescent innovation hub in Europe. Our goal is to promote an environment conducive to building valuable exchanges of experiences, generating business, and access to technologies and innovations, in addition to being a time to acquire relevant knowledge so that startups, investors, and companies can benefit from the country’s vibrant ecosystem.
Our package already includes your Web Summit ticket¹.

¹ If you are interested in purchasing the mission package separately from your Web Summit ticket, please contact us.

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Our schedule is full of interesting lectures and activities. Opportunities that Portugal has to offer to startups will be presented, among them programs such as startup visa, startup Voucher, non-repayable resources, how to apply for programs, meeting with investors, and technical visits to startups (Portuguese unicorns) and innovation hubs.

For investors, this is a great opportunity to network with Portuguese and European, public and private investment funds, learn about co-investment opportunities, learn how to access non-refundable resources, special visas and benefits for investors, financial and tax incentives for new businesses in Portugal, in addition to learning about changes and trends in venture capital.

For those who bet on open innovation, the mission promotes interaction with innovation hubs in Portugal, specially chosen according to the profile of participating companies, so that entrepreneurs and managers can expand the limits of innovation in their companies, learning about solutions and innovations adopted in Portugal, in addition to identifying new commercial opportunities.


You will have the opportunity to meet several important companies in industry 4.0, from incubators and accelerators to the innovative portuguese ecosystem. Talk to business angels, investors, and important managers of the portuguese government.


We will present the Portugal 2030 program, which includes fantastic incentives available for startups and industry 4.0, and visas for entrepreneurs and investors. You will be able to solve all your doubts with our personalized consultancy.


This is the right time to make contacts with other startups, companies, investors and business angels. We will enjoy good times together every night, in a relaxed atmosphere, but very intense in Lisbon’s incomparable nightlife.


To make the most of the event, we have developed three workshops that will help you prepare. Check out!


Want to get the most out of the world’s largest tech entrepreneurship conference?

Despite the pavilions being organized by themes, as well as the Pitches and the startup counters, we always have that feeling of missing something. To minimize this feeling,The Venture Builder will curate with you on the topics of greatest interest. So you can make the most of the contents and organize your schedule in advance.



Get ready for Portugal opportunities

Before embarking on the trip, we will reveal, in this Workshop, the main opportunities that Portugal can offer for your startup to capture public (non-refundable) and/or private investment, how to prepare to apply for these resources, as well as outline its internationalization strategy.



Be prepared to pitch your best!

Not sure what European investors expect from a Pitch? Many entrepreneurs may think that every pitch is always the same, but some points are crucial and make all the difference to attract investors. The Venture Builder will get you ready to put on a show!

Mission Web Summit 2023


From November 13th to November 18th.

Our Mission Standard Package includes:
    ● 3 Web Summit Preparation Workshops:
         ‒  How to get the most out of WEBSUMMIT 2023 (Curated);
         ‒  OPPORTUNITIES for your business in Portugal;
         ‒  Pitch – How to create a value propositon for the European INVESTOR;
    ●  Ticket for Web Summit Lisbon 2023;
    ● Extra Web Summit program including:
         ‒ Lectures about opportunities that Portugal offers to startups and investors;
         ‒ Technical visits to startups (Portuguese unicorns), technology parks, and innovation hubs;
         ‒ Business roundtable with investors;
         ‒ Workshop – Planning the Internationalization of your Startup; 
         ‒ Cultural activity;
         ‒ Happy Hour;
         ‒ Individual mentoring for internationalization (post-mission).

If you have any questions about The Venture Builder’s Mission, please contact our team.

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Our program including lectures, tehcnical visits, business roundtables, networking activities, etc. are tailored to the participating groups.


Since each person has their own needs and preferences, accommodation, airfare, and food are the responsibility of each participant.

Plan to arrive in Lisbon preferably on Saturday 11/11, or Sunday morning at the latest.

Avoid the long lines. Register for Web Summit, at Lisbon airport, as soon as you arrive.

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The mission package does not include accommodation. The Venture Builder recommends that accommodation be made in the central region of Lisbon to facilitate travel to the venue. We are negotiating discounts on the hotels in the recommended region that will be announced soon.


The mission package does not include airfare. The Venture Builder recommends that the participant arrive in Lisbon preferably on Saturday 11/11, or at the latest on Sunday morning, 11/12, and schedule your return from Saturday, November 18th.


The Portuguese Government and the National Health System require citizens outside the European Union to have travel insurance with specific guarantees for pandemics and endemic diseases, such COVID-19, during their stay in Portugal. Travel insurance is an individual responsability, so it is up to the participant to certify that the insurance purchased meets the government’s requirements for entry into Portugal.


Vaccination rules and testing requirements must be observed before traveling, as they may change due to the pandemic.
Therefore, we recommend acessing the guidelines on the website https://www.sns24.gov.pt/ or link  https://www.sns24.gov.pt/tema/doencas-infecciosas/covid-19/prevencao-dos-viajantes/


Technical visits, happy hours from The Venture Builder, networking events and transport for visits.


 Accommodation, airfare, transfer and alimentation.


● Up to 7 days of purchase, the value of the mission is fully refunded;
● Up to 60 days from the start of the Mission, the amount is refunded with deductions for financial fees and taxes;
● Up to 30 days from the start of the Mission, the amount is refunded at 50% with deductions for financial fees and tazes;
● 10 days before the start of the Mission there is no refund;
● In cases where the impossibility of participating in the Mission by reasons of blocking borders due to a pandemic (Ex. COVID), the value of the Mission will be refunded, only with the deduction of financial costs and taxes.



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In a diversified environment with startups, large companies, investment funds, mentors, and universities, we promote the exchange of experiences, business generation, and the creation of innovative solutions.
We are specialists in Softlanding and run incubation, acceleration, venture builder, and open innovation programs.


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